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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Student Spotlight

Name: Hannah Tucker, Class of 2014
Principal: Voice – Soprano   Secondary: Piano
Endorsement Area: Vocal General and Choral Music
G.P.A.  3.96

Impact of music education coursework so far: Two classes stand out as being important to my future career goals. The Music Administration and Management class (MUSI 393) helped build an awareness of all of the organizational aspects required for successful public school teaching. I am currently enrolled in MUSI 463: Secondary Choral Methods with Dr. Billingham. We are currently discussing the importance of making contact and connections with each individual student in our ensemble. Another aspect of this idea is the importance of assessing individual student progress as well as the group’s progress.

Benefit of Field Experience: I have been out to observe Jennifer Kaufmann at Broad Run High School in Ashburn and am impressed at how the students learn musical independence through daily solfege and sight-singing activities. The students are taught to function at a very sophisticated musical level. I have also been out to observe Tom Tutwiler at Hylton High School in Woodbridge and am impressed with his level of interaction with the students. I also like how he uses rhythm games and fast solfegge games in order to teach and reinforce musical concepts. He definitely makes learning fun.

Advice for new music education students: Get to know, and make it a point to talk to your endorsement area teachers and take advantage of all the opportunities to work with faculty members –pick their brains for advice and teaching tips. I take notes on what I like, so if I see a cool warm-up or a good gesture in choir rehearsal I write it down in a journal so that I can try to incorporate it into my teaching. Of course, focus on aural skills as much as possible.

Attending clinics and conferences: I attended the ACDA conference and that was a great experience, especially since the focus was entirely on choral music. I also attended VMEA in the fall and it was interesting because you get to interact with music teachers in all areas: band, chorus, orchestra, general music, and guitar. I also liked attending the clinics and seminars from teachers who are currently teaching, they have so many great ideas. I highly recommend that all students who are interested in teaching attend this conference. 

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