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Wednesday, March 6, 2013

VMEA 2013 Planning Begins

GMU NAfME officers Kyle Harrington and Hannah Tucker secure funding for eight student rooms at The Homestead for the VMEA conference in November. This translates to 30 students! President Kyle Harrington reports, “This is a huge vote of confidence from our school of music director Dr. Layendecker.” According to chapter secretary Hannah Tucker, “It was most definitely a team effort, which Kyle spearheaded and got the ball rolling. We're really excited about the possibilities that are opening up for us now that our whole group can stay together at the Homestead; lots of community building opportunities. If the trip turns out anything like last year, but with more people, this is going to do a lot to move our NAfME chapter forward and build it up again.”

Students who are interested in attending VMEA conference must be a member and begin setting aside money for travel expenses. According to faculty sponsor Dr. Billingham, “I am very pleased to see the initiative [the students] have taken with this. I would say we should start setting fundraising ideas so that we have the funding to drive and stay. Vans for 30 people - do the math!” Students interested in joining NAfME should click on the icon below.

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