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Monday, September 21, 2015

Music Education Students Attend SMTE Conference

Doctoral music education students Angela Ammerman, Timothy Smith, and Margaret Woods attended the 2015 national Symposium on Music Teacher Education in Greensboro, North Carolina. The conference provided students with an opportunity to share ideas and network with peers from different institutions from across the country. According to Ammerman "It was interesting to see all of the research pertaining to student teacher identity and formation. A lot of the research findings can be applied to real-world teaching. The overall atmosphere for the conference was one of inclusion, equity and acceptance of diverse points of view." In addition to attending the conference, all three students presented research. Margaret Woods was a co-presenter in a session entitled: Making Your Garden Grow: A Framework for Implementing Student-led Laboratory Ensembles. Angela Ammerman and Timothy Smith presented a poster pertaining to student self-concept and and participation in music. According to Smith, "It was a remarkable opportunity to present research and make connections with colleagues with similar research interests. I found this to be extremely valuable as I begin to move forward with my dissertation."

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  1. That seems great. Gratitude for sharing details! At some local San Francisco event venues we had also hosted a fun graduation event for our seniors. The event was completely customized and we had used Galaxy theme for that. It really turned out to be so good.